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ZQuiet: A Detailed And Thorough Review

Product details:
Type: Hinged jaw supporting mouthpiece
Clinical studies: No
FDA: Designated a class II medical device by the FDA
Price: $9.95 (trial) + $79.95
Money back: Yes, 30 days (trial period)
Company name: Sleeping Well LLC
BBB accredited: Yes
BBB rating
(A to F):
BBB Rating A
Scam complaints: No

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In my opinion the latex and BPA-free ZQuiet is so good that it easily holds its own against all other mandibular advancement devices (MAD) on the market today… bar one.

That really is making a statement about the quality, effectiveness and reputation of this great product.

An outstanding anti-snoring product the idea behind the ZQuiet is essentially the same as all other MADs. The device is designed to push out the lower jaw and hold it in place.

This sees a tightening of the throat and jaw muscles and thus secures a reduction in the vibrations that can cause snoring. The tongue is also prevented from falling back into the throat, which, when blocking a person’s airway, can be a major contributor to those noisy sleepless nights.

So, there we have it. The ZQuiet: A MAD that has the real potential to reduce your snoring episodes in a tried and tested way.

So, you may ask, is that it? Well, no. Not by a long way.

The ZQuiet – I am delighted to say – is different. How? Well, for starters, there’s the fact that you can take sips of water while wearing it and, perhaps more importantly, it’s relatively cheap.

How It Works

The ZQuiet, as all MADs, takes on the problem of snoring by pushing the lower jaw forwards. This then opens up your airways and keeps your tongue in place. It also tightens the muscles round your jaw and throat and so restricts the mechanisms that can cause snoring.

But that’s where the similarities end because the ZQuiet doesn’t rely on the boil-and-bite technology that many MADs use and so incredibly requires no set up.

That’s right. No set-up.

It’s a ready-to-use straight out of the box product that needs nothing more than a quick wash with a mild soap-and-water solution. Then there you have it: You’re ready to go!

Some light trimming of the mouthpiece may be required using scissors to further help with the fit to your mouth but the ease at which you can get started with the ZQuiet really is quite amazing.zquiet-hinge-technology

The ZQuiet also differs from other MADS in that it incorporates a technology in its build that allows for the flexible movement of both the device and your mouth.

ZQuiet calls this Living Hinge Technology and it really does work.

The Living Hinge does not inhibit the natural movement of either the mouth or jaw and this really does reduce discomfort issues. What is more because there is no bulky mass of plastic sat in your mouth you are free to breathe both as you would normally, even if that’s through your nose.

The Fit

With no preparation needed for this one size fits all mouthpiece getting the ZQuiet set up and ready to go couldn’t be easier.

There’s no need to boil water.

There’s no need to wait for it to cool down.

There’s no need to bite-down, hoping you get the impression of your teeth right the first time, because if you don’t, you have to do the whole process again.

It really is as easy as unwrapping it, cleaning it, deciding which out of the two settings of “comfort one” and “comfort two” best fit you – perhaps also giving it a trim – and that’s it!

The Positives


As a designated a class II medical device by the FDA product the ZQuiet instills confidence in its build, effectiveness and safety. Although now essentially a standard amongst the MADs on the market today it’s always reassuring to know that a product you are going to place in your mouth meets the very highest of standards.

Anything you’re going to be putting inside your body for up to a third of your life needs to be tested and safe! ZQuiet has all of these qualities in abundance, with a proven track record of delivering exceptional quality.

As a pop-and-go mouthpiece it truly is the easiest MAD around to set up and get going.

There is no doubt in my mind doubt that the living hinge technology makes a big difference to how you breathe and how your mouth and jaw moves. The ZQuiet really does provide a much more natural experience than that which you get with other MADS.

Your jaw and mouth movement are free to be as they are, and breathing is in no way restricted by the size of ‘breathe holes’. You can even take a sip of water and even talk while wearing it!

As it is built from thermoplastic materials it is non-irritating and long lasting. The materials are also easy to clean, requiring only a mild solution of soap and water to keep it in tiptop condition.

Clean. Safe. Hygienic.

The manufacture provides the mouthpiece in two sizes: comfort 1 and comfort 2 both of which are delivered to you.

The price. For a product that offers its users a real chance to reduce or even stop snoring the ZQuiet, at a friendly $79.95, really does offer value for money.

You will pay a fee of $9.95 for a 30-day trial. If after 30 days you decide to return it you will be $9.95 out of pocket for having returned it.

If you decide to keep your ZQuiet you are simply charged the full payable amount of $79.95 –on top of the $9.95 for shipping and handling.

The Downsides

negative-signAs a one size pop-and-go device it is obviously not going to fit every mouth as well as some people would like. With no adjustment capabilities, aside some trimming and filing of the piece to change its shape, users may well find that it simply doesn’t feel right.

The non-refundable shipping costs can cause discomfort too. If you’re unfortunate to be one of those people whom the ZQuiet doesn’t quite cater for then returning it will cost you $9.95.

Unfortunately the ZQuiet does not accommodate denture wearers at this time and there are no plans for it to do so, but don’t lose hope just yet, if you wear dentures then the answer to your snoring need could be right here: The Good Morning Sleep Solution.

ZQuiet has seen some users reporting that the hinge mechanism, due to softening, eventually collapses, rendering it useless. The only option being to replace it with a new one but let’s be honest here, all mouthpieces have to be replaced at some point, they do not last forever.

So perhaps some people who have purchased this and other mouthpieces expect the device to last a lifetime of use. Unfortunately for something that is chewed, ground, soaked and used everyday… immortality is yet beyond the bounds of even the very best materials and technology so far available to science!

There will be other issues that crop up as you get used to the ZQuiet, too. It will make you drool and possibly leave your jaw, mouth, gums and teeth sore. It may well even fall out a few times, but all of these problems are to be expected during the first few days, maybe even up to a week, of using it.

Once you have bedded it in, these issues much more often than not fade into the background as you embrace wonderful sleep filled nights.

ZQuiet: Why So Good?

It sits so small and delicately compared to other MADS that its simply a revelation to wear. It offers that wonderful feeling of – nearly – not being there. You can breathe through your mouth and / or nose and, all importantly for some, take those sips of water, or sips of whichever cold beverage you happening to be drinking.

Other than my all time favorite GMSS  there aren’t many other anti-snore solutions that come close to the positive experience I had with the ZQuiet.

Coming in as a serious competitor to both the ZyppahRx, Vitalsleep and GMSS the ZQuiet only really falls short due to its lack of adjustability. It’s a device that is confident; backed up by extensive testing and years of satisfied customer use it has proven to be absolutely safe and remarkably effective.

Plus, there is that incredible price, when comparing it to to my top two mouthpieces the ZQuiet is remarkably competitive, easily running ahead in the race to be cheap.


It really does still surprise me that the ZQuiet is so easy to use. The pop-and-go quality of the device just really makes my day.

No hot water or cups or boil and bite try outs, just pop it in your mouth – after a quick, hassle free clean and a decision on the setting of “comfort one” and “comfort two” – and you’re set.

Then there’s the joy of being able to breathe naturally, with your jaw and mouth free to do as they please, even allowing you to have a drink!

The ZQuiet hits the mark and has the real potential to reduce your snoring episodes in a tried and tested way with my own experience being testament to that.

After the initial phase of getting used to the device in my mouth, with the usual side effects of drooling and muscle pain soon wearing off, I found myself enjoying night after night of trouble free sleep.

What more can a snorer ask for? Especially at that price of $79.95!

Official websites:

ZQuiet: www.zquiet.com

GMSS: www.goodmorningsnoresolution.com

VitalSleep: www.vitalsleep.com