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Snoring Solutions Overview

  • Oral AppliancesIf you have been looking for a snoring solution for any amount of time [...]
  • Chin StrapsAnother device commonly used to stop snoring is the chin strap or chin up strap. This device is [...]
  • PillowsOne option you may have seen before is the anti-snoring pillow. These aren’t anything [...]

Top Snoring Devices

Best MAD:
It sets a new standard in the MAD category and is the one device I see other [...]
Best TRD:
This device is what I use to keep myself from snoring. This mouthpiece works very well for me [...]

Types of Snoring Solutions Overview

Since there are so many different types of snoring solutions out there I know things can get confusing for you. I will do my best to help you understand each type of solution that is available so you can pick the best one for your snoring problem.

One thing that you will notice is that there are many products and devices available that claim they can keep you from snoring. Some of them work, some of them don’t.


The first choice and most useful device on the market today is the mouthpiece. I prefer the GMSS for several reasons. First of all, it is backed by clinical research that proves it will work for anyone. What may be even more important is how comfortable it is. You can hardly tell when you have it in. It has also completely stopped my snoring.

Given the results that I have experienced, as well as the results of many others, this product receives my highest recommendation. I will personally never use any other product.

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Chin Straps

snoring-chin-strap-72Another device commonly used to stop snoring is the chin strap or chin up strap. This device is exactly what it sounds like. It tries to eliminate snoring by simply holding the chin up and keeping your mouth closed.

They normally fit around the chin and the back of your head. There are a few different designs but they all work the same. These straps are nothing new and have mixed reviews at best.

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Nasal Products

Nasal products are very hit or miss. I’ve never tried one that actually helped me. This kind of solution also includes nasal strips and other devices made to keep your nostrils open wide while you sleep.

Inhaled sprays and other nasal products are more for those with allergies, sinus problems, or a cold. In the right situation they can work. Most people just don’t realize that the use of these products is limited to those situations.

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One option you may have seen before is the anti-snoring pillow. These aren’t anything new either. Some of them have a strong chemical smell and others cause neck pain. This isn’t a great option for most people.

Considering the cost of most of these pillows and the many negative experiences that people have had, I recommend skipping this option. Many of them also require you to do things that would keep you from snoring even if you didn’t have a special pillow.

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CPAP-100You have probably heard someone talking about a CPAP before. The CPAP or continuous positive airway pressure device is becoming more and more common. They can be very expensive and require a lot of maintenance too.

A CPAP system can work, but due to the cost and hassle of the system I would recommend saving it for a last resort.

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Sprays and Pills

pills-sprays290There are many anti-snoring pills and sprays on the market today.

Many of them are natural remedies but tend to focus only on the sinuses. I’ve never seen a rave review of these anywhere but some side effects have been reported by those who have tried them.

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There are a few procedures that doctors can do to help put an end to snoring. Some have better results than others and most can be quite painful. Results vary with these procedures.

The best surgical option out there right now seems to be the Pillar procedure.

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Other Options

If none of these options sound quite right for you, that’s okay. There are also a variety of natural snoring solutions available. They require some degree of work but that’s up to you should you decide to take that route. If you are curious about the natural snoring solutions that are available to you, I have an article that covers all of them.

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