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Zicac Stop Snoring Wrist Watch Review

Product details:
Type: Wrist Watch
Clinical studies: No
FDA cleared: No
Price: $43.99
Money back: Yes, 30 days
Company name: Zicac
Business address: N/A
BBB accredited: Not Listed
Scam complaints: No

This is another one of the more unique snoring solutions on the market today. How it works is pretty interesting although it can be a little painful at times. It’s another one of those so-so solutions that some people like but others don’t notice anything. Let’s get down to how this device works.

What The Watch Does

It shocks you! Not like a celebrity wardrobe malfunction though. This “watch” literally uses short bursts of electricity to keep you from snoring. In fact it isn’t really a watch at all. It doesn’t even tell you what time it is.

What this device does do is monitor your body all through the night. You just put it on your wrist like a regular watch. Turn it on and it begins to keep an eye on your body for the next eight hours. When it senses that you are snoring, it gives your wrist a small shock. This shock is not supposed to be painful. It’s not even supposed to wake you up.

The goal of the shock is to stimulate your body just a bit so that you roll over, change your sleeping position, adjust your pillow, anything like that. It tries to make you do things that keep you from snoring so that you don’t get shocked again. That’s the basic idea behind this solution. However, everybody reacts differently when their body is disturbed during sleep. This is where the problems begin.

Different People Get Different Results

The same could be said for almost any snoring solution, so what’s the big deal? Well, now we’re dealing with electricity and stimulation. A small shock may trigger something for your dog, your spouse, or your best friend, but even if they all do something the things they do will be different.

I wouldn’t bring that up since it’s common sense, but this is being sold as a solution for everyone. Now that I’ve made that clear I should tell you why it matters in this case.

What happens when someone touches you in your sleep? Do you wake up? Do you punch, kick, and fight for your life? Do you just roll over without ever knowing any better? That’s the problem. You probably have a reaction similar to one of those I just described.

This device can only work if it causes you to change your sleeping position. In fact, sometimes even these extra movements can trigger more shocks. If I was the kind of person that punches and kicks when they’re disturbed I wouldn’t even think of using this when sleeping in bed with my spouse. That’s really something to think about with this solution. If you are large or overweight then the shock may not be enough for you to notice in your sleep.

The Comfort Factor

I realize that this device is not supposed to be painful, but that doesn’t mean it’s true for everyone. Some people think the shocks hurt. More people agree once they have been sleeping for a few hours. Any kind of repeated pulses like that can hurt after a while. Your wrist can get a bit sore from all the electrical stimulation. If you are thinking about trying this product please be sure to think about this.

Other than the shocks, this device is pretty comfortable. It has an adjustable elastic band so you can get the fit just right. It really does feel just like wearing a normal wrist watch to bed. I’m sure if you’ve ever worn a regular watch to bed that you know you don’t notice it much, if at all. I would say that is the best feature of this product.

Cost And Replacements

The specific watch I have been telling you about costs a little over twenty dollars. There are others and the price of those can vary. Something you will want to look for are pads or gels that you need for the watch to work. Some need them but some don’t.

If you try one that does need pads or a gel be sure to include that when running numbers to see if this is an affordable solution for you. Pads can be hard to find and the cost can add up over time.

The Company

This watch is produced by a Chinese company. The name of the company is Zicac. The BBB didn’t have anything on them. If anything that is a good sign since it means that no complaints have been made.

Clinical data is not available for this device. Since that is the case it is not FDA approved either. This means we have to draw our own conclusions from what others have said. Now it’s time for mine.


I can’t say that I have strong feelings about this product either way. It works for some people but certainly not all. Some people think the shocks hurt and others don’t mind.

However, this solution has not been proven. It could work out either way for you. Personally, I’ll stick to something that I know works.