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Stop Snore Ring Review: Anti-Snoring Magical Ring?

Product details:
Type: Anti-snoring Rings
Clinical studies: No
FDA cleared: No
Price: 8.99 GBP
Money back: Yes, 30 days
Company name: Fire at Will Ltd
Business address: 35 Cloverley, 108 Brooklands Rd, Sale, Cheshire, M33 3QE, UK
BBB accredited: Not Listed
Scam complaints: No

The Stop Snore Ring is a bit unusual. It takes a very different approach to prevent snoring. The big question is does it really work?

The makers of it simply expect you to think it will work without any solid proof, but we’ll get to that. You need to know a little more about this solution first.

How It’s Supposed To Work

This device is supposed to work by using the principles of acupressure and magnetism. The ring itself is made of copper and is worn on the little finger. Copper has been said to have health benefits for years, but I personally have never seen any substantial proof.

Some anti-snoring devices try to use acupressure to like this one. Of all the products I have seen related to acupressure, I have never been impressed by one. I have also never seen a real rave review. Maybe there is something to acupressure products. If there is, nobody has pulled it off right yet.

Magnetism and the human body is an equally debatable topic. There is a lack of proof here too as far as I know. Some say that magnetism and acupressure can work together but I have yet to see something that actually supports that.


Since this device is an adjustable ring there isn’t much that can go wrong when using it. The only thing that could happen is that the ring could fall off. There is also a significant price difference. This device will only set you back 8.99 pounds. However, that is still somewhere around $14 at the time of this writing.

Real World Use

Similar to other off the wall products, there aren’t many reviews for this one. The few that I did see were pretty bland. No one has reported any significant improvements or terrible side effects.

This goes along with the fact that not much can go wrong. Unfortunately it seems that everyone is also in agreement that it doesn’t do much if anything.


There is no way that I can recommend this device to you. There is just an all-around lack of proof. It doesn’t help that the product doesn’t come with a guarantee of any kind.

Although it would be great to have a magical ring that instantly kept everyone from snoring, this is definitely not it.

Skip this ring and find a high quality solution that really does what it says.