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SnoreMender Mouthpiece Review: Not Great

Product details:
Type: Jaw supporting mouthpiece
Clinical studies: No
FDA cleared: No
Price: $57
Money back: Yes, 90 days
Company name: Sleep Well Enjoy Life Ltd
Business address: 12 Station Road Eckington Sheffield S21 4FX United Kingdom
BBB accredited: Not Listed
Scam complaints: No

This solution is a mouthpiece. It falls into the jaw retaining category, and I have some mixed feelings about those.

This device isn’t so different from the other products like it that I cover on the site. It has strengths and weaknesses just like anything else. As always, I’ll give you the good features first before getting into the flaws of the product.

How This Mouthpiece Works

Like other mouthpieces that correct your jaw, the SnoreMender pulls your jaw forward while you sleep. By doing this, your airway is kept open. However, that is only the case if your jaw is the real problem.

If you snore because of your jaw what happens is that when you sleep, your jaw relaxes too much and begins to put pressure on your throat. It’s not a strangling pressure though.

Think about a box fan. Now the box fan is pushing the air though a cardboard tube. If you cover half of the open end of the tube, less air can pass through. That’s what happens in your throat. It causes a partial blockage. This mouthpiece simply moves your jaw forward a bit and that obstruction is removed. Again, that’s only if your jaw is the problem.

Positive Features

This mouthpiece flexes at the back. That makes it less likely to fall out of place and also makes things like drinking and talking possible while wearing it. There are some adjustments that can be made to the device. These are mostly for comfort and effectiveness issues.

Three different versions of this product are sold, a normal one, a stiffer one, and one that is more flexible. If the initial discomfort lasts too long you can switch to the softer version. If the normal mouthpiece doesn’t keep you from snoring then the company recommends trying the stiffer one.

Negative Features

This product is very basic. It doesn’t have a lot of adjustment. With a jaw retaining mouthpiece that can be a real problem.

It is not supposed to be molded to your mouth either. This can make using the product unpleasant if not downright painful. The worst thing about this solution is that it lacks a lot of features similar mouthpieces have.


This is one of the least comfortable mouthpieces on the market. Those who try it often complain about jaw pain the very next day. That’s normal, but the pain seems to be above average. The fact that the company offers three levels of stiffness is a sign they know about this.

Sometimes the pain from one night of use prevents a second use from ever happening. That seems to be very common. All of the comfort issues are probably caused by the lack of adjustment. Adjustment is extremely important with a device like this, and this one just does not have enough of it.

Background Check

The makers of this solution, Sleep Well Enjoy Life Ltd, are based in the U.K. Since they aren’t from the U.S. the BBB doesn’t keep any information about them. Whether the device is FDA approved or not is unclear.

It is mentioned that the material is FDA approved but nothing is said about the product itself. The company page for the product states that this device is clinically proven. The principle behind the device is proven, not this specific product. I did not find any studies that checked the effectiveness of this solution.


I’m going to have to recommend that you skip this one. It’s okay, but it’s not great. More people have bad experiences with it than good and that is a problem for me.

The lack of necessary features doesn’t help either. Save your money for something that works better. The pain caused by this device is just too common.