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SnoreMate Review: Not So Comfortable

Product details:
Type: Jaw supporting mouthpiece
Clinical studies: No
FDA cleared: No
Price: $36.99
Money back: Yes, 30 days
BBB accredited: Not Listed
Scam complaints: No

The SnoreMate is an anti-snoring device that appears to come from a company in South Africa. I wish I could say that I have great things to tell you about the product, but I simply don’t. If you’re brave you can keep reading. This one won’t be pretty.

How It’s Supposed To Work

This device falls into the category of jaw retainers. All jaw retainers carry certain risks. It appears that the makers of this one did not try to minimize those risks.

A jaw retainer helps to prevent snoring by moving the jaw forward during sleep. This forward movement is done in an attempt to open the airway and keep it open. There were a few things I saw that I didn’t like and you need to know about them.


As I mentioned this product seems to be made by a company in South Africa. Since that is the case, the device itself is not FDA approved. It is possible for a foreign product to receive FDA approval, so they really don’t have an excuse for this.

Once you consider that the product has been in use since 1999 it really doesn’t look good. The BBB does not have any information about this company either. The best they can offer is a 30 day money back guarantee.


There are several differences I noticed when examining this product and they were not good ones.

For example, many jaw retaining mouthpieces today have air holes so that you can continue to breathe normally if you are a mouth breather. This one does not.

Believe it or not this can be a huge issue for some people. You also need to think about this a little bit. If you snore because your mouth is open and your jaw is loose, doesn’t that mean you are doing most of your breathing through your mouth?

Now, if you put something in your mouth that you can’t breathe through, how natural could that possibly feel? I think you see what I’m getting at.

This device also has a relatively short lifespan. It can last up to 4 months. Notice how I said up to. It isn’t even guaranteed that it will last that long.

The last thing you want is a device that you constantly have to replace. A snoring solution should not be something you have to pay for frequently. If you are going to spend your hard earned money on a solution to your problem, then the company should do their best to make that solution last.

This company does not. Instead they offer a two pack for a discount.


You may not find many other reviews of this product on the internet. Although it has been sold since 1999, it is not widely used by any means. In my experience, I found it extremely difficult to breathe even though I do not consider myself a mouth breather.

Blocking such a large area that is involved in your airflow is just a bad idea. This is one of those devices that would be entirely useless if you had a cold or a stuffy nose. When you’re sick the last thing you want is something that makes sleeping more difficult.

Wrap Up

I recommend staying away from the SnoreMate. It seems to be a subpar product overall. It is not so comfortable when compared to better devices, wears quickly, and makes breathing difficult for some.

When you combine that with the risks attached to any jaw retaining mouthpiece, this really becomes something you want to avoid. No matter what the cause of your snoring is, I suggest finding another possible solution. This one isn’t worth the money.