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The SnoreDoc Mouthpiece Review: A Cost effective Solution

Product details:
Type: Jaw supporting mouthpiece
Clinical studies: No
FDA cleared: Yes
Price: $39.99
Money back: Yes, 30 days
BBB accredited: Not Listed
Scam complaints: No

Do you constantly wake up feeling like you haven’t slept enough? Do the days drag? Is time at the office a fog of half-remembered meetings and projects gone wrong? Are the people you live with fed up and exhausted due to a lack of sleep because of your snoring? Well, if this is the case then perhaps it’s time to bring some energy back to your professional and personal life by using one of the many anti-snoring devices available on the market today.

A good example of such a device is the SnoreDoc Mouthpiece, which is a mandibular advancement device or MAD, as it is more commonly known.

MADs, of which there are many to choose from, are a well established and widely used combination of technologies that generally have a solid reputation within the medical community as a proven way to reduce or even stop snoring.

Of course the level of comfort, degree of reduction in snoring, costs and overall quality vary depending on the manufacturer but I believe the SnoreDoc Mouthpiece which is reviewed here offers a well-priced introductory solution to anyone in need of a good nights rest via a MAD.

How It Works

The idea is really quite simple. The SnoreDoc, as with most other MADs, works to reduce or even stop snoring by holding your lower jaw slightly forward in a fixed position. This opens your airway and eliminates the vibrations that cause what we have unfortunately come to know as snoring.

Caused by the partial blocking of the airway at the back of the throat through the relaxation of soft tissues noisy episodes can be brought under control, and even eliminated, if the air that passes through to the lungs does so without restriction. The SnoreDoc works to keep your airway open, wide, and vibration free thus peaceful, quiet and free of noise.

IMPORTANT: The manufacturers claim that this mouthpiece can be used in the treatment of Sleep Apnea but I would offer a word of caution here, only a professionally qualified person can come to this determination, so be absolutely sure to speak to your doctor before you make any decision to use this as a solution for sleep apnea.

The Fit

boil-bite-fitting290Although advertised as a product that can be used “straight-out-of-the-box” I recommend that you spend a few minutes using the custom fit features available with this product.

Equipped with boil-and-bite technology, that allows for a more effective and comfortable fit, it seems only sensible to use it and not simply go with the less effective “unwrap and wear” approach.

Boil-and-bite, if you are new to it, is a straightforward process that is easy to complete, so please don’t think it’s going to prove impossible to do.

The fitting kit provides you with a hard storage case, a holding stick, and comprehensive instructions. All that needs to be added for the process to be successful is two receptacles that will allow you to easily submerge the mouthpiece, one filled with boiling water, and the other with iced water.

First insert the holding stick provided into the air hole at the front of the device. Be careful not to push it too far, or it will adversely affect the fit.

Pour boiling water into one of the receptacles and allow it to go-off-the boil for about 30 seconds or so.

Now, holding the device by the stick submerge the mouthpiece for exactly 18 seconds and 18 seconds only. This is an incredibly short time compared to some other products that use boil-and-bite technology, so please remember: 18 seconds only!

Remove slowly, being extra careful not to burn or scold yourself, shake off any excess water.

When it has cooled to a non-burn, non-scold temperature, place it in your mouth with the curved side faced up to the roof of your mouth.

Now bite down. Your lower jaw will extend just beyond your front upper teeth.

Hold your mouth in this position for one minute. This will leave an impression of your teeth in the soft malleable material.

Now remove carefully from your mouth and place it into the icy water for two minutes. Doing this both speeds up the hardening process and ensures that the material maintains the impression of your teeth.

Remove the mouthpiece from the water, take out the holding stick and check the fit. Take your time, let it sit for a while, lie down with it in and see how it feels. If it doesn’t feel right, or moves around too easily, or you simply aren’t happy with it, then repeat the process.

I think it’s important to note that, although offering a welcome degree of customization, boil-and-bite has now been eclipsed by pieces that combine boil-and-bite with adjustment technologies. The MADs featuring both boil-and-bite and incremental adjustment, such as the VitalSleep, have a distinct comfort advantage over those that stick to the one method approach.


priceYou can’t really argue with a base price of $39.99. It’s competitively priced and offers real value for money.

If the address you send your order to is within the 48 contiguous US then SnoreDoc then any over $150 in value or delivered for free.

All other orders are calculated based on weight and distance and are given you as you checkout on the official website. UPS Ground, Next Day, 2nd Day, 3-Day Select and Express Saver are all available as delivery options.

If an order has to be returned to because of customer error, a re-shipping fee of $9.95 is applied. If an order has to be returned due to an error on SnoreDoc’s part then re-shipping is free of charge.

The Positives

positive-signAt $39.99, it’s very competitively priced. Orders over $150 are delivered free within the US, except for Hawaii and Alaska.

It features molding technology that can see the fit completed in just under a minute.

Can be worn straight out of the box.

Has a risk free 30-day money back guarantee. No questions asked.

Cleared by the FDA.

The Downsides

negative-signIncludes no adjustability features to allow for finer customization.

The breather holes, which allow for mouth breathing, simply aren’t big enough.

Is relatively bulky and therefore can have an intrusive feel about it.

As with other MADs a period of “getting used to it” will be needed. Jaw and facial aches and pains will experienced, for up to a week or more in some instances.

As the device beds in some level of drooling will be experienced.

This device has not been clinically tested.


I can’t find any faults with this product in terms of what it is: A basic MAD that offers standard technology that aims to reduce or stop your snoring. It is certainly affordable, and delivers no more or no less than that which it is marketed to do.

It is a non-adjustable mouthpiece designed to hold the jaw-forward in a fixed position. It’s level of comfort, size and quality is well represented by its price. I believe it to be a good, if not exceptional, option.

However, if you’ve tried the SnoreDoc and didn’t find that it suited your needs or if you find yourself on the market for a product that offers exceptional comfort then I recommend you take a look at the VitalSleep, an anti-snoring device that in my opinion delivers excellence across the board.

This fantastic combination of “rough” and “fine” fitting comes in two sizes, regular for men and small for women. Its level of customization is, in my opinion, peerless.

Read my review for more details: VitalSleep: A Two-Sized Solution That Really Tackles Snoring

Please note: It is of the utmost importance to be aware of how necessary it is to talk with your registered physician about your snoring problems, you could be suffering from a much more serious condition: Sleep Apnea.

Sleep apnea can lead to life threatening events such as strokes or high blood pressure. Remember only your registered healthcare giver is qualified to assist you in choosing which anti-snoring solution will best address your specific individual needs, so please do seek their advice.