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Snore Guard Review

Product details:
Type: Jaw supporting mouthpiece
Clinical studies: No
FDA cleared: Yes
Price: $59.90 + S&P
Money back: Yes, 30 days
Company name: Ranir LLC
Business address: 4701 E PARIS AV SE GRAND RAPIDS MI 49512 United States
BBB accredited: Not Listed
Scam complaints: No

The Snore Guard is a jaw retaining mouthpiece that has one big thing separating it from the competition. The question is, is that one thing enough for me to give it a good review? Keep reading and you’ll know the answer soon enough.

How It Works

This mouthpiece works just like any other jaw retaining device. It fits over your teeth and takes up most of the space in your mouth. While it is on your teeth it holds your jaw forward.

By keeping your jaw forward the mouthpiece tries to eliminate any airway constriction. This kind of snoring solution can only help those that snore because of their jaw. Anyone who snores for another reason will not see any results with this kind of device.


One thing that I always like to see is clinical proof that an anti-snoring device can work. The Snore Guard has been put through clinical trials and apparently had a 99% success rate. I do not know the exact details of the study so those results could be biased.

This mouthpiece is also cleared by the FDA. That is something else I like to see. The BBB does not have any information about the company that produces this mouthpiece. At least no complaints have been filed.


Here is where that one big benefit I mentioned comes in. The device is available by prescription only.

Does that mean it is better than similar products that anyone can buy? No it does not. It is also recommended that those who buy one have it fitted by a dental professional.

Honestly I don’t think that the fact this device is prescription only is a good enough reason to recommend it. Although it allows you to breathe through your mouth to some degree while wearing it, it lacks many features that some competing products have.

Normally that wouldn’t be a big deal, but those features were added for your safety and comfort. This mouthpiece will cost you around $60 plus any charges for the time that goes into getting it fitted by a professional.

Real World Use

Since this product is available by prescription only reports from actual users are scarce. From what I have seen and heard, people are split almost evenly when they discuss if it works or not.

This makes sense because not all people who snore do so because of their jaw. Those that snore because of other reasons will not see any benefits from using this mouthpiece.


The Snore Guard is definitely not for everyone. It may be a prescription only device but it leaves a lot to be desired in my opinion. This just seems to be an overpriced jaw retainer.

Even if this kind of device was your best option I would recommend going with another solution. There are plenty of better ones out there with more features that make the mouthpiece safer and more comfortable.

Snoring is bad enough; you don’t want to cause any additional health issues by using a subpar solution.