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Sleep Deprivation – More Than A Job Killer?

sleep-deprivation290Oh yes, sleep deprivation can do much more than put a damper on your productivity at work. This is a condition that affects roughly 45% of the population at any given time. Since that is the case, many of us consider it normal.

You should not go through life sleep deprived. Why is that? You’ll know and agree very soon, believe me.

Adding Insult To Injury?

It’s no secret that snoring can keep you from getting a good night’s sleep. Snoring has its own negative impact on your health, but sleep deprivation is a different animal entirely.

Did you know that sleep deprivation, whether chronic or acute, can make you clumsy, overweight, or both? It’s true.

Maybe you haven’t experienced this personally, so just imagine something with me for a moment. After several months of not sleeping well, you’ve gained a few pounds. It’s showing and everyone at work has noticed.

It’s a typical morning and you’re feeling very tired. For some reason you are especially clumsy this morning. As you are walking through and giving everyone their morning greeting, you trip over your own feet, fall flat on your face, and spill hot coffee all over your new shirt. Everyone stares.

Everything is quiet for a moment except for a few snickers. There’s always that one person though. Maybe they have something against you, maybe they’re just mean. They can’t help but laugh and spit their own coffee all over the wall. Now everybody is laughing and you are embarrassed.

This is a terrible situation to actually go through, believe me. It makes lunch awkward for at least a few days afterwards. So, now that you know how sleep deprivation can literally add insult to injury, let me tell you about some things it can cause that you may not know about.


Microsleeps are an interesting little symptom. They aren’t always fun either. What is a microsleep though? A microsleep is when you are going about your daily life and suddenly you are asleep or dreaming. It can happen when you are working, talking to a friend, or even driving. That last one is very scary.

Nothing like dreaming about a warm sunny beach only to wake up a second later and see you’re driving straight towards a tree.

Microsleeps are only possible when you are sleep deprived. They can be incredibly dangerous in the workplace as well, especially if you have a job in manufacturing or you work with machines.

A True Story

I have a story I would like to tell you about a man who worked in a factory. He was a very large man; about six foot four and three hundred pounds. The factory that he worked in used a swing shift schedule.

There were three groups of workers that kept the plant running 24 hours a day. Every week the groups would switch which shift they worked. I believe the order was midnight, afternoon, and then daylight. As you can imagine, working a different shift every week gets old fast. It also takes a toll on you.

This friend of mine was driving home after a 12 hour midnight shift. He had been working 12 hour shifts all week to start putting money away for Christmas. On his way home, he fell asleep at the wheel less than a mile from his house. He drove straight through a telephone pole with his car.

Luckily the car kept moving and the pole didn’t land on it. This woke him up though, in his own yard no less. The pole was a few hundred feet behind him. The car was totaled and the pole was obviously destroyed. Later that morning the police showed up.

He had only gotten about an hour of sleep at that time. The police wanted to charge him with reckless driving and make him pay for the damage to the telephone pole.

This all happened because of sleep deprivation. If you think that this could have been prevented with stimulants, he had already taken several caffeine pills that night at work. They don’t keep you awake forever.

The moral is sleep deprivation is very real and very dangerous. Could you imagine what life would have been like for this man’s family if he had not survived? He has a wife and two small children. That is scary.

Other Risks

The main risks associated with sleep deprivation are injuries due to microsleeps. However, when taken to an extreme sleep deprivation can actually cause death by itself. You can literally die from not sleeping. This is very rare though.

Obesity is a very serious concern for anyone who is sleep deprived. The longer you have been sleep deprived the higher your risk of obesity is. Even if you aren’t worried about becoming morbidly obese, the combination of gaining weight and going without sleep is not a fun one.

One risk is almost certain to get you though, and that is reducing your quality of life. Life is short and meant to be enjoyed. Don’t let something like this ruin it.


If snoring is keeping you or your partner from getting the sleep you need, you need to do something about it as soon as possible. It only takes one time for sleep deprivation to cause a serious injury that might impact you or your loved one for the rest of your life.

There are so many ways to stop snoring on my site that there is no excuse to go on living with it. One of them is sure to suit you. From exercise to medical devices to mouthpieces, there is a solution for you. Live life the way you were meant to, safe and full of energy from a good night’s sleep every night.

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