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Rematee Bumper Belt Review: Results Definitely Vary

Product details:
Type: Positional device
Clinical studies: No
FDA cleared: No
Price: $108.78
Money back: Yes, 30 days
Company name: The Snore Shirt Inc.
Business address: 3230 West 2nd, Vancouver, British Columbia V6K 1K8, CA
BBB accredited: Not Listed
Scam complaints: No

This is a unique snoring solution. I actually haven’t seen another product like this. It’s very simple, comfortable, and could help some people. You may even chuckle a bit when you see how simple it really is. Don’t be fooled. This solution could certainly help the right person, and that person may be you.

A Unique Device

I’ve covered a lot of products on this site. There are plenty of mouthpieces, chin straps, strips, nasal products, sprays, and pills available. It’s not even close to any of those. This product is something you wear.

Since this solution is so different from the others, I’m going to do my best to explain what it is. As its name implies, it fits around you. This device is worn around your chest while you sleep. The Rematee Bumper Belt has its own shape. The shape never changes so that it can fit around your chest without being tight. It looks almost like an oval. It may remind you of a back support belt.

The outside of the oval is where the real difference is. On the back, there are three inflatable bags. These bags are the bumpers. The bumpers are what this solution relies on to work.

How It Works

Picture this with me. You are wearing this black oval around your chest. Two straps run from the back of the oval, over the tops of your shoulders, to the front of the device. It’s comfortably loose around your upper body.

Three air filled bumpers on the back are covered with neoprene, like all the other parts. You lay down in bed on your side. You try to roll onto your back. You can’t. The bumpers wouldn’t let you, so you continue to lie on your side. That is exactly how this solution works. It keeps you from sleeping on your back.

Sleeping on your back can cause you to snore. Sleeping on your side often helps to prevent snoring. That’s the basic idea behind this product. I told you it was simple. The nice thing is it actually keeps you on your side instead of just telling you to sleep that way.

Those air bags or bumpers I mentioned make it almost impossible for you to roll onto your back. If you do manage to roll onto your back the bumpers will make that position extremely uncomfortable. It’s a nice simple idea. However, just because something is nice or simple that doesn’t mean it’s right for you.

Who Could See The Best Results

This product was made for people who sleep on their back and snore because of it. If you snore because you sleep on your back and that is the only reason you snore, this might be a good option for you. If you snore because of something else then this device probably won’t be able to help you.

What Others Are Saying

Everyone is pretty much in agreement that this solution works for the right people. No matter how great something is, there are always problems. With this device it seems that there are a few common issues.

One thing that some people dislike about this product is the smell. There are fewer complaints about the smell of this solution than the more popular anti-snoring pillows that also smell. To the best of my knowledge the smell comes from the material that they use. If the smell bothers you that much then you can try washing it just like a piece of clothing.

The manufacturer says that the bumper belt is machine washable. It can also be put in your dryer, but make sure to follow the directions for washing and drying this product.

There have been a couple complaints about the material wearing out. This isn’t anything to worry about. The device was made to be replaced every so often so it makes sense that it would wear out. That is exactly why replacement bumpers and other parts are available by themselves.

Some also say that the device slips no matter how tight or loose it is. Slipping is going to vary from person to person. Things like body shape and size are what make the difference. That’s why some people love it and others can’t get it to stay in the right position.

Although those few issues are common with this device, those who do like it seem to be quite impressed. It all depends on you in this case. If sleeping on your back is your main cause of snoring and you don’t have a small upper body, this might work for you. It certainly does for some people.

Clinical Proof and Company Background

As I am writing this, there have not been any studies completed that tested this device. However, there is supposed to be one going on at this time. Most people know that sleeping on your side can keep you from snoring or at least help a bit. Since that is the idea behind this product my guess is that the study will validate it.

The device is not FDA approved since it has not been studied. The company is also based in Canada so United States FDA approval may not be a major concern to them.

I was unable to find any serious incidents or complaints. Those that I’ve mentioned are very minor compared to some of the things that can happen with other solutions.


Some people love this device. Others hate it. This product might be worth a shot if sleeping on your back is making you snore. Even if that is your main and only reason for snoring it’s still a chance. That’s why I said might.

Results definitely vary with this one. It’s based on a solid idea and some people have been satisfied with it. It could work for you but there are some people this solution won’t do anything for.