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My Snoring Solution Chin Strap Review: A Possible But Expensive Option

Product details:
Type: Chin Strap
Clinical studies: Yes
FDA cleared: No
Price: $59.99* (*per item, BOGO offer)
Money back: Yes, 90 days
Company name: My Snoring Solution
Business address: P.O Box 509, Lillian, AL 36549
BBB accredited: Not accredited
BBB rating (A+ to F):BBB Rating F
Scam complaints: No

If, like me, you are one of the (At least) 30% of people who suffer from a level of snoring that disturbs either your own or another person’s sleep then you’ve undoubtedly been searching for a solution to finally find a way to reduce or stop the numerous problems caused by your snoring.

Exhaustion, frustration, unable to concentrate, even an inability to get up in the mornings due to a lack of drive and motivation can all be a result of snore disturbed sleep

Not securing meaningful rest can even lead to depression and other very serious health issues that can in extreme cases eventually cause death.

So let’s be clear: It’s a medical fact that we all need it.

Undisturbed, quality sleep, otherwise – as you most likely experience everyday – you don’t function to your full potential and – as outlined above – that can lead to very serious consequences in both your personal and professional life.

You wake to find your partner and or family annoyed and sleepy and when you eventually drag yourself to work the job that used to be challenging and fun is suddenly much more difficult to do because you are always extremely tired.

Bottom line: We have to sleep quietly, well, and undisturbed. Right?


A Helping Hand?

So as someone who sufferers – or who makes others suffer – night-after-night of noise-disturbed sleep the question has to be: What can I do to secure quality rest?

Well, perhaps you went online and searched for the answer and within seconds of searching found what could turn out to be The Holy Grail: The My Snoring Solution Jaw Supporter (Chin Strap).

But before you make your purchase you have one question: Does it work?

Well please keep reading to find out everything there is to know about the My Snoring Solution Chin Strap, a product that I believe can be a reliable helping hand.

How It Works

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Approximately 80% of snorers are open mouth snorers, with noisy sleep episodes caused by a combination of loose tissue and your tongue falling to the back of the throat all the while turned up to the full volume through an open mouth.

Extensive research and development over many years have demonstrated that when the mouth is closed and the jaw is supported by a chin strap – keeping the lower jaw in an upward and forward position – that the throat is kept open and free of obstructions as your tongue stays in place.

This positioning of the jaw helps to keep the airway wide and loose muscles tight, thus allowing unrestricted, vibration-free, breathing, all of which can bring about a reduction in or a complete stop to snoring.

There’s simply no arguing with this approach, pushing the jaw forward and holding it in place is a proven way of significantly reducing or bringing a total stop to noisy sleep for the vast majority of people.

This is how the My Snoring Solution works, simple, effective and easy to use. Plus, as with other chin supports, it’s simply a matter of unwrapping your newly arrived strap – maybe putting it through a machine wash cycle first – and putting it on.

There is no need to mold, do tricky adjustments, fumble with tools or follow detailed step-by-step instructions. Just wear and go!

It really couldn’t be easier! And by wearing it you will increase oxygen levels – via better airflow – through your opened throat and improve essential REM sleep, both of which contribute to lower blood pressure and a much healthier, energetic, lifestyle, and all because you have reduced – or stopped – your snoring.

And of course, seeing as noisy sleepers not only disrupt their own sleep but those around them too, your family, partner or roommate will also reap the benefits from peaceful nights.



At $119.97 – excluding shipping – the My Snoring Solution is not one of the more cost effective solutions but there is now a chance to take advantage of a “Buy One Get One Free” promotion so effectively reducing the price by half to $60.

That’s quiet some offer, a 50% reduction in the price of a product that’s got the real potential to change your life for the good!

Shipping rates are set at $9.95 for standard (5 to 10 days) and international, and $29.95 for U.S.A. express deliveries (2 business days).

There’s also a 90-day money back guarantee that states that it will refund your money even if you don’t have a particular reason for not wanting to keep you’re My Snoring Solution.

If you don’t want it, return it.



It works for the vast majority of people. Can be used by denture wearers.

Aimed at 80% of those who are open mouth snorers it has a wide scope for delivering success.

It’s really easy to use, maintain and is not invasive.

Wide long straps that help keep the device in place.

Easy to pack and take with you on business trips and vacations.

It offers training to your jaw; essentially ‘teaching’ your jaw to move forward so that in the future there’s a possibility you may well not need to wear it and still be snore free.

It doesn’t affect your teeth or gums, pinch your tongue or cause issues such as dry throats, drooling and extensive jaw ache.

Fits anyone and everyone.

You can test drive the My Snoring Solution for up to 90 days where upon, if you want to return, you can.

Virtually impossible for it to fail or break while using it and even in the incredibly unlikely event it does it is outside of your mouth thus posing no problems with choking and or injury



It is one of the more expensive solutions available.

Can experience some movement around the head if you’re a very restless sleeper.

Over time there is a chance of the materials losing some of their elasticity and thus effectiveness.


The My Snoring Solution Jaw Supporter does exactly as it is meant to do and delivers an effective and proven way to reduce or stop noisy-sleep and for me you can’t really expect much more from an anti-snoring product than a reduction in or a cessation to your snoring!

Is there any reason not to buy this product? I can’t think of one, other than perhaps the price, because – although it’s important to remember the “Buy One Get One Free” offer, which sees it work out at $60 per unit – without shipping – the My Snoring Solution is on the expensive side.

Please note: It is of the utmost importance to be aware of how necessary it is to talk with your registered physician about your snoring problems, you could be suffering from a much more serious condition: Sleep Apnea.

Sleep apnea can lead to life threatening events such as strokes or high blood pressure. Remember only your registered healthcare giver is qualified to assist you in choosing which anti-snoring solution will best address your specific individual needs, so please do seek their advice.

Official website: www.my-snoring-solution.com