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Best MAD:
It sets a new standard in the MAD category and is the one device I see other [...]
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This device is what I use to keep myself from snoring. This mouthpiece works very well for me [...]

Mouthpieces: The Ultimate Solution for Snorers

Mouthpieces is your solutionIf you suffer from mild to moderate snoring then your endless nights of poor quality sleep; affecting your personal, professional and daily life, are over.

That’s right. It’s time to take the plunge and know that relief is at hand from the most effective range of stop | reduce-snoring devices on the market today: anti-snoring mouthpieces or mouthguards.

All types of them have the potential to be the perfect partner in your quest to significantly reduce or even stop your snoring.

They are established.

They are tested.

They work.

Can you prove it? Yes. Absolutely.


With a long and proven market presence mouthpieces have a globally recognized record of continually delivering positive results to those of us who suffer from noise disturbed sleep.

But don’t just take my word for it; there is a mountain of data clearly demonstrating how effective these devices are.

A respected US National Institute of Health Study clearly demonstrated that 86% of patients who took part in a comprehensive study continued to use the mouth guard 350 days after first been asked to use it. What is more, 87% of users were either very or moderately satisfied with the results.

Numbers never lie. Mouthpieces work.

This authoritative, independent study, along with feedback from millions of satisfied customers, is further supported by a vast resource of documented results concerning the positive impact mouthguards have had on snorers’ lives.

With a vast range of products to choose from this article has decided to introduce, review and recommend two very distinct categories of mouthguards  these being the mandibular advancement devices (MAD) and the tongue retaining devices (TRD).

cautionPlease note: It is of the utmost importance to be aware of how necessary it is to talk with your registered physician about your snoring problems, it could even be that you are suffering from a much more serious condition: Sleep Apnea. Sleep apnea can lead to life threatening events such as strokes or high blood pressure. Remember only your registered physician is qualified to assist you in choosing which device will best address your specific individual needs, so please seek their advice.

Let’s Get it Straight

As one of the most effective snoring solutions there is it can come as no surprise to discover that there are a lot of MADs to choose from. Being a much newer player on the market the number of TRDs on sale is presently still expanding, but the choices on offer are by no means inferior in either their quality of build or effectiveness.

With so many devices on sale, especially where MADs are concerned, it means you have to start reading reviews and watching advertisements, listening to recommendations and taking advice because – as with any long-standing industry – there are numerous options of which not all are going to match your needs.

Then there are the questions:

Which one will fit? Are they safe? What is a good price to pay? How long will it last? Will it work for me?

The search for the perfect anti-snoring solution can be a time consuming, difficult process. You can find yourself drowning in lots of questions and lots of information. Believe me, I know. I spent a long time searching for the key that finally opened the door for what I’d been looking for: A good nights sleep!

But after years of investigation, of suffering bad health and poor relations with my snore affected family, I found my answer and now I am well rested, productive, and… happy!

So, together, right here, right now, let’s investigate what’s on offer and find the snoring solution that best suits you and your specific requirements.

Then you and your loved ones will finally get exactly what you all crave: Peace and quiet!

Key Points: Quick Recap

Remember, as detailed above, I am concentrating on two distinct types of mouthpiece. The first is the MAD. The second is the TRD. Although focused on these particular devices the following information shouldn’t take away from the fact that all mouthguards, in all their various forms, have the potential to bring an end to – or at the very least reduce – your snoring.

That said there’s no question that both the MAD and the TRD can deliver exceptional results, if they match your particular requirements, and that’s where the focus has to be: On your needs.

So without further ado let’s have a comprehensive look at the best-fit contenders in the market that are going to improve your life.


If, like me, you want an effective, safe and – in some cases – clinically proven solution to your snoring problems then look no further than this comprehensive range of anti-snoring devices.

Anti-snoring mouth guards should be your first choice for the simple reason that they work, are safe, and are relatively cost effective.

The MAD (Mandibular Advancement Device) works by moving your jaw into a fixed position as you sleep. Some of them are solid-state, while others are hinged to allow for a more natural jaw movement.


How it works (click to enlarge)

The TRD (Tongue Retaining Device) works by holding the tongue in place.

Both approaches result in more space being available in both the mouth and throat thus reducing or preventing noisy sleeping habits. This is why I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending mouthpieces as a real remedy to those of us who suffer from mild to moderate sleep apnea and / or snoring.

Please note that although some of the products – notably the MAD devices – are more suited to a specific type of snorer with particular needs, that others have a more universal application, and for me this is where the TRD really stands out because even if you are the most restless sleeper on the planet moving in your sleep will not affect a TRD’s effectiveness.

The MAD; however, can lead to some gag reflex and feelings of discomfort as it can change position as you move around.

MADs: OTC vs. Prescription

There’s always going to be tough competition between over the counter products (OTCs) and those that are only available on prescription. Without doubt, prescription devices will be expertly fitted to accommodate your exact needs and last longer.

Somnodent - Dentist Fitted Device

Somnodent dentist fitted MAD can cost over $1000

You’ll also have the comfort of knowing that your healthcare giver of choice has an eye on how the device is working, both in terms of its impact on your snoring and any effects it has on your mouth, teeth and jaw.Yet, as you undoubtedly already know, this is going to come at a price.

Cost is obviously something that has to be considered because, whereas a custom made fitted device will set you back anything between $1000 to $2500, an OTC piece will see you paying around a tenth of that amount, if not less.

That’s not to say all prescription pieces will hit you for $1000 or more; there are examples of mass produced perception devices on the market that are much less expensive.

The Silent Nite Slide-Link, the Myserson EMA and the Tap 3, to name a few, are all examples of mass-produced prescription MADS which can be priced by some providers for as low as $500, but this approximate cost can vary greatly due to particular individual needs and / or location.

Yet, even the mass-produced prescription options are considerably more expensive than OTCs. With an OTC you can expect to pay around $100 for a MAD with a proven track record of excellence.

SnoreRX is $99

OTC MAD SnoreRX is $99

For example on SnoreRX’s official website their device is priced at $99, and the Zquiet, likewise on the product’s official site, is priced – including shipping – at $69.95.

Being much cheaper than their prescription issued counterparts, over the counter solutions offer a distinct advantage, even the top end devices will be much easier on your pocket than a prescribed oral appliance.

Also it is fair to say, with an established presence on the market – one that has seen some products developed and improved over decades – and with ever newer advanced devices being released all the time, that top end OTC solutions are more than capable of standing up to any prescription device.

They deliver what snorers need: Better sleep.

Zquiet is $69.95

OTC MAD Zquiet is $69.95

Both the solid-state MADs, such as the SnoreRX, and their hinged counterparts, for example the Zquiet and Snoremender, are effective in cutting snore related sleep disturbances.

The solid state MADS – as you can guess by their description – do not have any parts or mechanisms that allow for movement when they are being used.They sit as they are in your mouth and don’t allow for any natural jaw movement.

Hinged MAD

Hinged MAD

The device that incorporate the hinge mechanism; however, do, with the upper and lower sections joined via a hinge they allow for a more natural and arguably more comfortable night’s sleep, encouraging you to breath as you would ‘normally’.

But again, a word of caution, and as stated above, it is of the utmost importance that before your OTC purchase that you discuss your particular snoring issues with your registered physician, only they are qualified to help you decide which option is best for you.

OTC Fitting

One of the most FAQ that comes from people considering over the counter MADs is their legitimate concern over the fit. Many snorers expect there to be at least a few options when it comes to size: Well, there usually aren’t, with many devices only coming in one size.

Another worry that puts these proven devices under the spotlight is concerns over how to measure up for the fitting: Well, please don’t worry, because the fitting truly is very straightforward.

The vast majority of mandibular advancement devices are sold with a one-size-fits-all approach; tailor fitting the shape for each individual by using a simple process known as the boil-and-bite method.

Please do not let this process put you off purchasing a MAD. The simple to follow step-by-step instructions see the procedure take mere minutes to complete. It really is as easy as your ABC, and if you do not get it right the first time you can always try again… and again.

To complete the boil-and-bite procedure all you need to do is place your mouth guard in boiling water for the stated amount of time. Then, once cooled to a safe temperature, insert it in your mouth and bite down. The malleable material then molds round the shape of your teeth for a fit that’s made just for you.

After that? You’re good to go!



MADs: The Positives

positive-sign-150One thing is very clear about MADs, they work. They have been clinically proven to deliver a significant reduction in, or total elimination of, snoring, and as the product has evolved many devices now allow for both mouth and nasal breathing, coming equipped with a hole at the front of the piece.

Furthermore, there’s a range of hinged MAD models that allows for the freer movement of the jaw and face while sleeping, something other solid-state MADs don’t incorporate into their design.

Another advantage is that the competition amongst MADs is high, which of course sees manufacturers work to ensure that their product is the most readily available and reasonably priced device that can be bought.

Also, as a now well established product, with decades of development under its belt, it’s reassuring to know that the vast majority of MAD mouthguards are constructed using BPA free material, and what is more often come with some level of clearance by the FDA.

These are two very good things to know when buying a product that will sit in your mouth for near on a third of your life!

Potential Problems

negative-sign-150An unfortunate issue that some people can have from using MADs is pain. Although the supposed “universal fit” quality of jaw advancers can and does work for some people, they don’t for others.

This is due to the fact that the majority of MADs are of the ‘boil-and-bite’ type with no adjustability.

They therefore set your jaw and face where they want to, no matter the type of jaw or face you have!

To put it bluntly the non-adjustable boil-and-bite products can cause some serious problems, from strained facial muscles to toothache. This is because the lower jaw is ‘forced’ into a position, leaving muscles, joints and teeth to sit unnaturally while you sleep.

On waking the side effects of this “forced” position can manifest themselves in the form of headaches, neck pain and bite shifting issues. Some people who use MADs even suffer from the onset of TMD (Temporomandibular Disorder) and again that means only one thing: Pain.

MADs typically fit between your teeth and you’ll find that many of them have a similar set-up process as outlined in the OTC FITTING section above. It doesn’t usually result in a particularly snug feeling and can leave room for them to move, especially if you are a restless sleeper.

It can come as no surprise that having something in your mouth while you sleep is not the most comfortable experience and can even see some people suffering from gag reflexes as their they relax.

Although personally preferring the Zquiet to the Snoremeender (Out of the hinged devices of the MAD category mentioned) one concern has to be the possibility of breakage. The solid-state MADs, with no moving parts, are essentially indestructible, – although of course over time, with natural wear and tear, they need replacing as all mouthguards do – so they aren’t threatened with being made unusable due to a breakage of their mechanism.

With the issues of comfort, pain, and sore throats I used to feel that MADs simply weren’t made for me. With their mostly non-adjustable approach and bulky presence, and the need to set them up, I found them very difficult to recommend from a personal point of view.

However, that view has been recently challenged by SnoreRX: At last, an adjustable MAD with soft materials, for a fantastic boil-and-bite custom fit, and resettable micro-adjustment.

I just have to say that in my opinion this is the standard by which all MADs should now have to set themselves: Boil and bite custom fitted and adjustable.

TRDs: The Positives

positive-sign-150Order it. Receive it. Open it. Use it.

That’s how easy it is to use this product and get going. There is no need for boiling, or setting, or adjustment. It comes as is and is ready to go. What could be simpler?

It is this ease of use, amongst many, many, other reasons, that sets the TRD apart from other mouthpieces.

TRDs work by using a gentle suction mechanism to pull the tip of the tongue forward, holding it in place as you sleep. You may well ask, “Why the tongue?” Well, the tongue actually relaxes while you sleep and creates a blockage in the airway and that causes snoring, but not anymore.

TRDs solve the problem in the most effective and comfortable way I know. Holding the tongue away from the back of the throat while allowing you to breath… through your nose!

Breathing through the nose is a much healthier and safer way to inhale and exhale air, and it certainly leaves your throat feeling normal the next day when you wake up. There is no dryness or soreness from having effectively kept your mouth open all night, which is what happens when you use a MAD.

While MADs currently lead the stop-snoring device industry in sales the TRD has a very bright future. For comfort, simplicity, and safety the TRD range of products shine, offering a proven solution to those who snore because of soft tissue or tongue obstruction.

There are no tooth irritation issues, denture wearers can rejoice, and there are no, that is no, long-term health effects. It’s small, BPA safe, flexible, light, and leaves your teeth, jaw and face muscles alone!

What’s not to like?

Due to their bulk and the very real sense of them “being there” the MAD devices are finding that many of their users are making the switch to the TRD because the comfort it offers its users.

Just to prove how effective TRDs can be let’s do a little experiment: Gently close your mouth and while moving your tongue try to keep your relaxed jaw absolutely still. It is practically impossible.Even the slightest movement affects the positioning of the jaw and this is why TRDs are so effective, they keep everything where it should be, but in the most natural of ways.

Nothing is forced or stretched or put out of place. No pain. No bite issues. Just your mouth and jaw as normal.


negative-sign-150Are there any? Well, yes, there are, but only for very particular situations and when compared to the issues MAD can throw at you, well, they are very few and far between.

Of course if you can’t breathe through your nose due to allergies or nasal blockages then the TRD is not for you. Also if you snore because your lower jaw is not aligned with your upper jaw then it isn’t appropriate, as it will only have a minimal effect on your snoring.

There’s also the chance that you will experience some build up of saliva and some tongue-tip soreness when you first begin using a TRD, but as you get used to wearing it both of these minor issues disappear in a matter of days.

My Experience

my-experienceThere’s no doubting that MADs are by far the most established device on the market today, but for me the TRD still comes in way ahead of the competition as the anti-snoring solution of choice.

I have extensive experience in testing a whole range of products and the TRD continually delivers the results that best suit me in terms of effectiveness and comfort. Comfort is always going to be the main issue that dictates to me what purchase I make: So, for me, it’s TRDs all the way.

Another real advantage of this product is that it treats a variety of snoring problems and concerns. Most devices have a tendency to be focused on one particular aspect of a snorer’s problems, but TRDs are different. Not only do they keep your airway clear they prevent your mouth from falling open while you sleep.

This prevents dry and sore throat issues and promotes healthier nasal breathing. Holding everything naturally in place, the TRD doesn’t force any muscles or joints to sit in a position that results in pain; again, comfort tops the reasons as to why I use TRDs.


The two major players on the TRD market are the aveoTSD (aveo) and the Good Morning Snore Solution (GMSS). For snorers in the US and several other countries the aveo is only available with a prescription. The GMSS is freely available to be ordered online or purchased at any approved retailer.

Although very different in many ways, they also have core similarities; firstly they use tongue-retaining technology and they both come as a one-size free-fit device. That means that there are no sizing or set-up issues to deal with.

Lightweight, compact, easy to clean and easy to maintain, they have both been put though their paces in clinical tests and proven effective. There is no taking away from either of these products, both being excellent, anti-snoring solutions.

If there is one thing that does immediately separate them it is cost. The aveoTSD, retailing at around $140, generally costs $40 more than the GMSS, which sells at around $100. There’s also the fact that in many countries, including the US, you have to get a prescription to be able to get the aveo, the GMSS is much more freely available. Plus, unlike the aveo, it comes with a 30-day money back guarantee!

These differences have ultimately seen me adopt the GMSS as my own personal solution. Also, although both constructed of the same materials, a  BPA free soft silicone, the much thinner cut used for the GMSS makes it even less of a burden on my mouth, gums, teeth and tongue.

In the simplest of terms? I love the Good Morning Snore Solution.

So if you find that you are not restricted to the MAD types of mouthguards due to medical reasons, and want the best snoring solution there is, then I fully and readily suggest you do try out this absolute favorite of mine, the GMSS.

Because even amongst champions there has to be a winner.


So there we have it. MADs and TRDs work, giving value for money over prescribed solutions, and are proven at providing snorers with restful sleep.

I have personally used, tested and lived with a wide selection of the products marketed today, which I believe has given me a comprehensive insight into how effective they are. But again, please don’t just take my word for it, go online and see the number of ex-snorers who now have night-after-night of improved sleep due to using an anti-snoring MAD or TRD.

So numerous are the glowing reviews from real, actual snorers, that it leaves no question over their value. This category of anti-snoring device simply has to be the right choice for anyone suffering from mild to moderate sleep apnea and / or snoring.

Amongst the huge number of stop snoring products available both MADs and TRDs are always going to contain a solution for you; there’s just no calling their value into question. As clearly outlined above, both categories have verified track records, with some even backed up by clinical studies, proving that they are both as effective as each other.

But for me personally the TRDs just get over the line first. One reason is that they sit outside the mouth and so have a safer feel to them, there’s no chance of them moving to the back of the throat for example and causing a gag reflex. Another reason is comfort.

I simply find TRDs more comfortable to use and they are certainly easier to clean and maintain for me. Of course it’s a personal preference, but one I have come to shape over many, many, years of investigation into mouthpieces.

One final thought: I think it’s important to note that as snorers we deserve quality, undisturbed sleep, so whatever mouth guard comes to be your preferred choice, it just leaves me to wish you the very best of luck in finding your snore solution.

To further help you find the snoring solution that is going to alleviate your sleep disturbance problems, and for your convenience, I have drawn up a table that allows for an easy and comprehensive comparison of each product.


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