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Dr. Buteyko Snoring Solution: Does it Work?

dr-buteykoYou’ve probably had a number of products thrown in front of you that claim to be based on secret eastern European methods. Personally I’ve seen things like this being pushed for everything from muscle building to psychic training and everything in between.

This time will be different for you though. For one thing, I’m not trying to sell you anything. The other difference is that I actually have hard facts to give you. Let’s get to the details.

Dr. Buteyko

Dr. Buteyko was a Ukrainian doctor who lived from 1923 to 2003. Sometime in the 1950s he came up with what is now called the Buteyko method. The Buteyko method is a way of retraining how you breathe.

It has reportedly been used by everyone from Olympic athletes to Spetznaz soldiers to asthma patients. The reason they used it is simple. All of these people wanted better control over their breathing. That is exactly what the Buteyko method was created for. As you have probably guessed by now, this method can be used to help you stop snoring.

The Buteyko Method

So what is it? Well, the Buteyko method is made up of a number of breathing exercises and techniques. Many of them emphasize breathing through your nose as opposed to your mouth. This is one of the key concepts of the Buteyko method.

Also, many of the exercises are made up of controlled pauses in your breathing. By practicing these controlled pauses the idea is to get your body used to breathing less. These exercises also are supposed to train your body not to panic when you stop breathing for a moment or two. In addition to those benefits, using this method is supposed to help you relax.


Sadly, this method has not been tested enough for most governing bodies of medicine to accept it as a valid treatment for asthma. However, that isn’t why you’re here.

The facts are that those who try this method often see an improvement in their snoring. Don’t concern yourself with negative information that comes from large medical associations.

One thing that has been universal for them is that they want to know more about it and have more research done. They realize it is a promising method, they are just afraid to say it works because most of the evidence comes from real world users.

In my opinion that is the best kind of evidence. So, with that being said the Buteyko method can certainly help you stop snoring. The only catch is that most people do not use it as a standalone method. It is often used in combination with an anti-snoring device or lifestyle changes.

You can find more information about Buteyko method on Don Gordon’s website. Don Gordon is the managing director of CascadeBreath LLC and a registered Buteyko Clinic Method educator.

What To Remember

Do not worry about information that says the Buteyko method is not a valid treatment. Ninety-nine percent of the time that information is about treating asthma with it.Medical associations just want to see more research before they will support it.

Real world users of this method agree that it does reduce snoring. You just may want to look into an anti-snoring device as well if you want to completely eliminate your snoring.

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