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This device is what I use to keep myself from snoring. This mouthpiece works very well for me [...]

CPAP as Snoring Solution

A CPAP system or continuous positive airway pressure system is what most doctors recommend to those with sleep apnea. These systems do work, but there are some serious drawbacks to owning or using one.

Unit Cost

The cost of these units is a hard pill for most people to swallow. Some of these machines cost $1,000 or more. That’s just for the base unit. You also need a mask, filters, and tubes. It is very easy to spend $1,500 on a complete setup.

This makes it one of the most expensive options available next to corrective surgery. If the cost of the system may be an issue for you then you also need to consider the fact that parts do wear out and need to be replaced.

Usually there are also a lot of mandatory trips to the doctor’s office once you need a solution of this caliber. This system is costly upfront as well as over the long term. You need to think about how well you could handle the costs of this if your insurance isn’t very good or won’t pay for something like this at all.

Don’t Overlook Comfort

Another obvious concern is the comfort issue. Most of the masks on the market today look like something you would find in a laboratory or a sci-fi movie. Also, if you have anxiety issues there have been reports of people having anxiety attacks and things like them from wearing one of these face masks. The same thing applies if you are claustrophobic. Putting something on your face that forces air into your body is not the best idea if you have either of those issues.

The upside to this solution is that since it is a medical device all of the products on the market are of similar quality. Some just have more bells and whistles than others. The features and the brand name on the unit are some of the main reasons for price differences with this product.

There are a few types of CPAP units though. Some of them supply a constant level of air pressure that you manually set before going to sleep. Others have two pressure settings so that you can set one for when you inhale and one for when you exhale. A third kind of unit does all of this automatically and because of that it is the most expensive.

Since this option was developed to treat sleep apnea, sometimes referred to as OSA, this is not something that should be used by those who do not have sleep apnea. Buying one of these monsters to stop normal snoring is like buying a new car because the one you’re driving is almost out of gas. It’s overkill and there is no reason for it.

How CPAP Works

The way that the system works is very unique. As the name continuous positive airway pressure implies this device basically makes you breathe. It forces air into your body through the mask and keeps your airway open. It works this way because of the basic problem that most sleep apnea sufferers have.

That problem is an obstruction in the airway that closes it completely every so often. The complete blockage of the airway that makes sleep apnea dangerous is why this machine forces air into your body and doesn’t just help you. It does the work for you. When you have one on it is in control of your breathing, not you.

Panic and Anxiety

The control aspect is something many people have problems with. It is only human to want to control our own bodies, especially something as vital as breathing. This factor contributes to the panic attacks and anxiety some sleep apnea sufferers face when using a powerful device like this.

Overall the continuous positive airway pressure system is reliable, but not an ideal choice for most people. Even those with sleep apnea often search for an alternative. Some are able to find one, and when they do they are nothing short of thrilled. I would be thrilled to get away from something like this too.

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