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Chin-Up Strip Review

Product details:
Type: Chin-Up Strip
Clinical studies: Yes, E. Velez Jo,MD; Barbara Phillips,MD, FCCP, MS
FDA cleared: No
Price: $9.99
Money back: No
Company name: The Chin-Up Strip Company
Business address: 1820 Ridgemill Terrace - Dacula, GA 30019, U.S.
BBB accredited: Not Listed
Scam complaints: No

This product is okay. It’s not the kind of chin strap that I talked about in my article covering them, but these work the same way. Chin-Up Strips are definitely not a wonder solution although they can help some people.

Chin Strap vs. Chin-Up Strip

A chin strap is a device that normally goes around the bottom of the jaw and the back of the head. It prevents snoring by keeping the jaw up and the mouth closed during sleep. That is not what we are talking about here. A Chin-Up Strip works the same way though. They come in many shapes and sizes but all of them work by holding the jaw up.

These are actually strips that go on your face. There is an adhesive on the back to hold them in place. Normally these strips are shaped so that they are in contact with both your lower jaw and the skin above your mouth. It’s similar to taping your mouth in place.


  • These strips are disposable. They are only made to be worn once and thrown away. That means that there are no cleaning or maintenance hassles for you to worry about. The way this product works to keep you from snoring is good, but these do not work as well as a mouthpiece that does the same thing.
  • This solution is also pretty cheap. A month’s supply of them shouldn’t cost you any more than fifteen dollars. Bulk orders are accepted so that you don’t have to order a new pack every month. This also drives down the cost of each pack. You can get enough to last one to one and a half years for less than two hundred dollars.
  • Since this solution just sticks to your face there aren’t really any fitting or size issues to worry about. That being the case you can expect them to work right the first time and every time.


  • The biggest problem with this product is that it is not a standalone solution. This device was created to be used with other snoring solutions. Many of the people that do use these do it to keep their mouth from drying out overnight.
  • This product was actually made to be used with a CPAP or other anti-snoring devices. Some people just use them to get more out of their CPAP. Please note that this product is not FDA approved for the treatment of sleep apnea. They may help other devices work better but do not try to use these on their own if you have a serious problem.
  • There is also the adhesive issue since this product sticks to your face. If you have sensitive skin or facial hair you may want to stay away from this one. Adhesives have been known to cause rashes and breakouts in some people. If you have facial hair then I’m sure you know getting it pulled out isn’t very fun.

Clinical Data and the Company

It’s surprising to see how much clinical data is available about these strips. They have actually been proven to help in several studies. However, it seems that they are normally used with nasal strips or something else to help prevent snoring. This product can help but you will need another solution as well.

These strips are made by The Chin-Up Company. You won’t find any complaints about them because there aren’t any. None exist with the BBB either. The FDA status of the product is questionable. It is not clear if it is approved to prevent snoring or to simply keep the mouth shut during sleep.


This is not something to use without another device. Depending on your specific snoring cause or causes they may be able to help you. However, the keyword here is help. Chin-Up Strips are not a snoring cure but they can still do something for some people. Do not expect a miracle with these.