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Snoring Solutions Overview

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Top Snoring Devices

Best MAD:
It sets a new standard in the MAD category and is the one device I see other [...]
Best TRD:
This device is what I use to keep myself from snoring. This mouthpiece works very well for me [...]

Anti-Snoring Pillows: Very Small Effects For Big Cash

snoring-pillowsOf course pillows are a vital part of anyone’s sleep furniture: from bed, to mattress, to linen. All of these “sleep essentials”, just like the pillow, play an important roll in contributing to a comfortable night’s sleep.

Without a pillow your head simply doesn’t ‘feel right’. If you’ve never slept without one give it a try and I am sure you’ll immediately see what I mean. A pillow adds comfort.

And that, in a nutshell, is the singular role of any pillow: Comfort. They do not magically deliver peace and quiet. They do not secure snore free sleep.

Pillows as far as I can see – no matter how they are shaped, made or packaged – offer no effective solution to snoring.                                                   

How They Claim To Work

Anti-snoring pillows supposedly take an aspect of how mouthpieces work, but it’s a tenuous connection at best.

Simply explained mouthpieces – Mandibular Advancement Devices | MADs and Tongue Stabilizing Devices | TSDs – are designed to keep the airways open by holding the jaw and tongue in place.

Anti-snoring pillow manufacturers also claim that their products “keep airways open” but any comparison between their pillow and mouthpieces, even one as incredibly flimsy as this, abruptly ends there.

The difference?

MADs and TSDs have a proven track record of delivering what they are designed to do and in my opinion it’s there where you should look to find your ideal anti-snoring partner.

Leave the pillows on the shelf.

The Shakedown

And that’s what it feels like, a shakedown and please, don’t just take my word for it. A high percentage of dissatisfied customers can easily be found through the simplest of online searches. With reviewers complaining about anything from an overwhelming smell of chemicals to a refusal by manufacturers to return monies spent.

The anti-snoring pillow industry, as far as I can see, does not bask in any good light… at all.

Many reviewers, after using their anti-snoring pillow, have written of waking up with stiff necks, sore shoulders and even headaches. The very things some anti-snoring pillow manufacturers state their products are designed to alleviate!

The overwhelming online consensus also shows that there is no discernible difference in the frequency and intensity of customers’ snore-episodes after they begin to use an anti-snoring pillow.


Anti-snoring pillows do not deliver. I cannot recommend any single solitary “ant-snoring” pillow. They simply had no effect – at all – on reducing my snoring. If anything they gave me a sore neck and stiff shoulders.

Of course there may be a chance that one of the many pillows marketed to snorers will fit your needs, but personally speaking? I strongly suggest you invest your money in established technologies, in anti-snoring devices that have been proven to work.

That of course brings us back to mouthpieces, the MADs and TSDs mentioned above. Here is a category of device with a proven record of delivering results, and with years of positive feedback to back them up – including clinical testing for some devices – mouthpieces are by far the better choice.

They are established. They are tested. They work. So please take a closer look at this highly recommended category of mouthpieces – with their numerous advantages – and follow this link.

Please note: It is of the utmost importance to be aware of how necessary it is to talk with your registered physician about your snoring problems. You could be suffering from a much more serious condition: Sleep Apnea.

Sleep apnea can lead to life threatening events such as strokes or high blood pressure. Remember only your registered healthcare giver is qualified to assist you in choosing which anti-snoring solution will best address your specific individual needs, so please do seek their advice.

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