Snoring Solutions Overview

  • Oral AppliancesIf you have been looking for a snoring solution for any amount of time [...]
  • Chin StrapsAnother device commonly used to stop snoring is the chin strap or chin up strap. This device is [...]
  • PillowsOne option you may have seen before is the anti-snoring pillow. These aren’t anything [...]

Top Snoring Devices

Best MAD:
It sets a new standard in the MAD category and is the one device I see other [...]
Best TRD:
This device is what I use to keep myself from snoring. This mouthpiece works very well for me [...]

About this Site

Can I tell you a secret?

My name is Robert Bates and I have a problem. It’s a little embarrassing so please don’t laugh. I’ve already had many jokes made at my expense because of it.

I have a snoring problem. Well, actually I had a snoring problem. Snoring is not a joke though. It can be embarrassing and in some cases it can even be dangerous.

My Story

Believe me when I say I know what you’re going through. If your typical night is anything like mine used to be, it probably goes something like this:

You lay down for the night next to your spouse. You say good night to each other and squeeze in one last kiss before your heads hit the pillow. Before you know it you’re out like a light. You’re tired and just can’t seem to ever get enough sleep. Next thing you know, it’s time to wake up and go to work.

You feel just as tired as you were last night, like you didn’t even sleep at all. Of course, before you rush out the door for the day, your spouse makes it a point to tell you how tired they are and that you were the one that kept waking them up last night. One more kiss and you’re on your way to work acting more like a zombie that lives on coffee than a human.

As the day wears on and your two pots of coffee wear off, everything begins to drag. You can’t focus on anything. Time seems to pass slowly and that unshakable feeling of fatigue sets in again. Just a few hours ago (in the middle of your daily java binge) you were raring to go have some fun after work. Now all you can think about is going home, eating dinner, and eventually passing out in front of the TV.

I lived this way for years. Many people do for most of their adult life. Honestly I never thought I could really do much about it. Until my snoring got worse that is. Yes, once my snoring got worse.

At this point the fatigue, the lack of focus, and the bother to my wife all got worse too. I knew I had to fix this problem.

I Had To Find a Solution

I began to research everything I could find about snoring. Let me tell you, what I found absolutely shocked me. I never would have thought that all those tired lazy years were caused by something as simple as snoring.

I had no idea that snoring was having such a big impact on my health, my spouse, my energy, and even my love life and marriage. Ever since then I’ve been telling people just like you what they need to know about snoring.

Improve Your Life

Once you know what I do, your life will improve. I couldn’t believe it at first either, but the information on this site will help you more than you would believe.

This site is dedicated to you and the improvement you will see in your life when you stop snoring. Your spouse will appreciate it too!

To your health,