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My Snoring Solution Chin Strap Review: Don’t Waste Your Time

Product details:
Type:Chin Strap
Clinical studies:No
FDA cleared:No
Money back:Yes, 90 days (partial)
Company name:My Snoring Solution
Business address:P.O Box 509, Lillian, AL 36549
BBB accredited:Not accredited
BBB rating (A+ to F):BBB Rating F
Scam complaints:No

If, like me, you are one of the (at least) 30% of people who suffer from a level of snoring that is troublesome, a person who either disturbs your own and / or someone’s else’s sleep, then you’ve undoubtedly been searching for a solution to finally find a way to reduce or stop the problems caused by your snoring.

It’s a medical fact that we all need it: Undisturbed, quality sleep, otherwise – as you most likely experience everyday – you don’t function to your full potential; and that can lead to very serious consequences in both your personal and professional life.

We have to sleep quietly, well, and undisturbed. Right?


Help at Hand?

So as a snorer what can you do? What have you found to help? Did you go online and search for the answer, and within seconds of searching find it? There, on a website The Holy Grail: The chin strap sold by My Snoring Solution?

If your answer is “yes” then I believe it’s really important that you know everything there is to know about this supposed helping hand so please, before going ahead with your purchase, continue reading, because this article clearly outlines the pros and cons of the My Snoring Solution chin strap.

Nothing more than a chin strap: And that’s all it is!

The chin strap is nothing more than exactly what it is. A chin strap. In no other way does it offer any more functionality than that. It isn’t unique in design, or special in what it does, and in no way affords any other quality than what a chin strap is designed to do: To keep the mouth closed and push the jaw forward.

So just to be absolutely clear: Other than the fact that it fits under the lower jaw – holding it in a forward position – and goes up and round the back of the head, there is nothing else in the way of information for what this product does.

Even the company who market it don’t really seem to know how to hard sell its ‘worth’, or how to detail what it delivers in terms of its properties for helping snorers. All that’s known for sure is that it is made of fabric and keeps your mouth closed while you sleep.

With this level of information I am sure you’ll agree that this isn’t a very promising angle from which to convince someone to invest $119.97 of their hard earned cash!

Will It Work? Maybe.

With its cup-shaped sling, fitting to the head via straps, it supports the chin and keeps the sleeper’s mouth firmly closed. All good so far, right? Sure, if of course you keep still as you sleep (As the strap can and does slip, move, when used by restless sleepers), have a consistently unblocked nose – so are allergy free – and don’t suffer from sleep apnea.

In fact having a blocked nose and or being a sufferer of sleep apnea can lead to serious health issues if you use the chin strap. Not being able to breathe through your mouth – and with your nose blocked – will limit your oxygen intake. This is a very important consideration to take into account if you are thinking of buying this device.

Of course the chin strap might be right for some people, and unlike other solutions it can be used if you wear dentures, have gum disease or tempro-mandibular joint dysfunction. It works by pushing the jaw forward and thus reduces the chance of the tongue falling back into the throat. These are all solid criteria to reduce or stop snoring for certain snorers.

But having to take those numerous considerations into account (Are you a restless sleeper? Do you suffer from allergies or sleep apnea? Are you a mouth snorer?) I feel exposes the My Snoring Solution chin strap as an overly simple, over-marketed, over-priced and ineffective device that tries, but on the whole fails, to solve a problem that snorers are desperate to stop.

Bottom-line: The chin strap can only ever really be effective in very specific circumstances. So be sure to consider very carefully what it is your individual snoring problems require in order for them to be remedied.

Comfort and Long Term Effectiveness

Amongst the reviews I’ve read the comfort issue is an aspect of this device that has hardly been touched upon, but as you’ll be wearing it a lot, it has to be an important consideration.

Although I freely admit that it’s easy to use, and a cinch to maintain, you truly need to ask how it’d feel to wear something tightly round the head all night, every night. The answer it seems, from reading online feedback, is that it is relatively comfortable, but there is still no escaping the fact that you will have something wrapped quiet tightly round the head, which in my opinion can only feel a little “weird”.

Also, as you wear it so often – around a third of your life – the effectiveness of the fabric’s taut-strength, the quality of the Velcro closing tabs, and the overall fit of the chin strap deteriorates. So although arguably a near instant remedy for some snorers, you’ll find that over time your snoring problems will return, as daily use of the chin strap will overcome its preventive qualities.


The vast majority of products I’ve written about on this site come from companies with a solid background in customer-service and solid reputations in providing quality.

My Snoring Solution, however, has a very different story to tell. To be honest it doesn’t usually really mean that much when a company doesn’t have BBB accreditation, but you only have to do some of the most basic research on this company to realize that something is seriously wrong because this outfit is the owner of a big fat F.

On reading information provided by the Better Business Bureau it’s easy to see why. Furthermore, the feedback from consumers is scathing. Here but a few of the complaints from dissatisfied, and outright annoyed customers.

Although based on an idea that has been proven to work for specific types of snorers the product provided by My Snoring Solutions is substandard in both its quality and in the service provided. The device and company simply do not deliver the results consumers want.


With so many different products in any one category it can be hard for shoppers to decide on the best solution for their snoring needs, but a very clear and simple truth is this: The chin strap is not the answer.

Perhaps, as a bridge, giving you time to find the most appropriate long-term solution that best suits you, the chin strap could be of use. And let’s be honest, it has to be better than throat sprays, but it is of my strong opinion that once you find a mouthpiece that fits, then you’ll be leaving the chin strap in the draw, because the mouthpiece type of device is a much better answer to your snoring problems.

Why? Well, the proof, if you needed any, is in that feedback. Mouthpieces, with an ever growing presence in the market, are free from that barrage of sustained criticism that the My Snoring Solution chin strap comes under. Just look again at this company’s rating: F

In a single letter that says all that needs to be said.

I always want you to find the best possible solution for your snoring problem so it is important to select the most appropriate device for your needs and I’d suggest that there’s no better place to start than by reading the comprehensive article.