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  • Oral AppliancesIf you have been looking for a snoring solution for any amount of time [...]
  • Chin StrapsAnother device commonly used to stop snoring is the chin strap or chin up strap. This device is [...]
  • PillowsOne option you may have seen before is the anti-snoring pillow. These aren’t anything [...]

Best Snoring Devices

Best Tongue Retaining:
Good Morning Snore Solution
This device is what I use to keep myself from snoring. This mouthpiece works very well for me [...]
Best Jaw Supporting:
Vitalsleep is another one that is known to provide results. It’s not bad at all actually. If your jaw is the reason [...]

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My Snoring Solution Review

Product details:
Type: Chin Strap
Clinical studies: No
FDA cleared: No
Price: $119.97
Money back: Yes, 90 days (partial)
Company name: My Snoring Solution
Business address: P.O Box 509, Lillian, AL 36549
BBB accredited: Not accredited
BBB rating (A+ to F):BBB Rating F
Scam complaints: No

If you’ve been looking for a snoring solution for any amount of time you have probably seen this product. It’s the black and blue chin strap that is shown on most websites that have a variety of solutions you can buy. I’ll be explaining the pros and cons of this product, what you can expect, and everything else you need to know.

Just A Chin Strap

That’s all this product is. It is just a chin strap. There isn’t anything special about it. It fits around your lower jaw and the back of your head. There is not much information available about this product. Even the makers of it don’t give much away. All that is really clear is that this product is black and blue and it keeps your chin up while you sleep. That’s not much to work with.

Will It Work?

It could work. Some chin straps have been known to keep some people from snoring. Most never come close to doing what they advertise though. That seems to be the case here. A few quick searches will lead you to plenty of bad reviews and complaints. The sad part is most of the complaints are about the device itself because it didn’t help them. That was very disappointing to see.


This is one topic that hasn’t been discussed much. I think what happened was that nobody was happy enough with the product to continue using it. I guess that cuts the importance of long term comfort. Anyway, the device does appear to be comfortable even if most people don’t see good results with it.

Background Information

Most of the products I’ve talked about on this site come from companies with a good background and a high quality reputation. This one is a different story. Normally, when a company is not BBB accredited it doesn’t mean much. I was shocked when I checked this company out.

I’ve checked out a lot of companies on the BBB website and most of them have an A or B rating. This company was given a big fat F. Once I saw the information that the Better Business Bureau had gathered I could see why.

At the time of this writing there were 48 complaints about this company. A huge majority of those were solely about the product. I realize that some people will dislike anything, but that many complaints should tell you something.

This is not a quality product. It is based on an idea that has been proven to work, but the device does not deliver results for most people. That is why there are so many poor reviews all over the internet. This solution isn’t FDA approved either so I can’t say anything very good about the product or the company.


Don’t waste your time with this chinstrap. Too many people have complained about it and most of them say it doesn’t work at all. Once you consider the hefty price tag of over a hundred dollars I’m sure you’ll want to skip this one.

Don’t spend your money on something that won’t provide the results you are looking for. There are plenty of quality solutions out there; this just isn’t one of them.