Hi, I am Robert Bates

I have a snoring problem. Well, actually I had a snoring problem. Snoring is not a joke though [...]
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Snoring Solutions Overview

  • Oral AppliancesIf you have been looking for a snoring solution for any amount of time [...]
  • Chin StrapsAnother device commonly used to stop snoring is the chin strap or chin up strap. This device is [...]
  • PillowsOne option you may have seen before is the anti-snoring pillow. These aren’t anything [...]

Top Snoring Devices

Best TRD:
This device is what I use to keep myself from snoring. This mouthpiece works very well for me [...]
Best MAD:
The VitalSleep is durable, features really useful micro-adjustment and size options [...]

Anti-Snoring Device Reviews

First and foremost I think it’s really important that I detail how I classify the devices that I review on my site.

I follow a strict criteria of grouping my reviews through personal experience which then leads to them being placed in different levels. In other words, I keep the bad with the bad and the good with the good.

After reading these reviews one thing will become blatantly clear, the good solutions are heavily outnumbered by the bad ones, so a word of warning: Please be careful and pay close attention to what I say. These detailed and well researched reviews were made specifically to help you. Help you save time, money and, in some instances, even pain.

Please do not just start trying each solution one by one. I’ve already been there and I have spent a lot of money to do it. They say that the least painful way to learn is to do it by watching another’s mistakes, so learn from what didn’t work for me.

Do not pay for something that will not work for you. Some of the companies that make snoring solutions are reputable, but some are not. Be sure to pick the device that’s right for you because getting your money back can take a miracle in some cases.

In my reviews I cover every factor that you should consider when choosing the best solution for your situation. I reveal everything about the product including if it really works, who it works best for, if there are any side effects, and if it is worth the price or not.

With all of the information that I have laid out for you, I know that you will be able to make a great decision. If you are having trouble though, I have also made a comparison chart where you can see the major pros and cons of each solution all in one place.

My Favorite Devices


The manufacturers of the GMSS are offering carrying case (valued at $9.94) and FREE SHIPPING (save $19.95). There is no coupon code required. Expires December 14, 2016 at 11:59pm MST. The Good Morning Snore Solution or GMSS as I sometimes call it is what I use to keep myself from snoring. Before finding it I tried pretty much everything else out there. This mouthpiece works very well for me and I am [...]
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Sleep is so important to our health and wellbeing that if it isn’t free of disruptive snoring then we can find ourselves left open to illness, relationship issues and poor productivity both at work and home. And who needs that kind of extra stress in their lives, especially when it can be so easily avoided! That’s why during my years of testing anti-snoring devices the VitalSleep - sold as a mandibular[...]
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If, like me, you are one of the (At least) 30% of people who suffer from a level of snoring that disturbs either your own or another person’s sleep then you’ve undoubtedly been searching for a solution to finally find a way to reduce or stop the numerous problems caused by your snoring. Exhaustion, frustration, unable to concentrate, even an inability to get up in the mornings due to a lack of drive and m[...]
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Zquiet is $69.95

In my opinion the latex and BPA-free ZQuiet is so good that it easily holds its own against all other mandibular advancement devices (MAD) on the market today… bar one. That really is making a statement about the quality, effectiveness and reputation of this great product. An outstanding anti-snoring product the idea behind the ZQuiet is essentially the same as all other MADs. The device is designed to push out the lower jaw and hold  [...]
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If you want a simple, easy to use, cost effective anti-snoring solution rolled into one fantastic product then look no further than SnoreMeds. SnoreMeds is a boil-and-bite style thermoplastic Mandibular Advancement Device (MAD) designed to stop or reduce snoring that also happens to come in two handy sizes, Original Fit for men, and Small Fit for women. Comfortable to wear and made from an FDA cleared hyper-allergenic thermoplastic it  [...]
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In a crowded marketplace you’re always going to find lots of products that look, seem, or even are, exactly the same. This becomes no more apparent than when you start looking at the numerous products sold as mandibular advancement devices (MADs). MADs are the leading group of anti-snoring devices that offer solutions for disturbed sleep episodes via a number of well-established proven technologies. Yet, as I’ve recently found, not al  [...]
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The BBB accredited SleepTight Mouthpiece, or STM for short, came onto the market in the middle of 2014 on the back of stringent clinical research that cleared it with flying colors. It is proven as an effective tool to combat both snoring and mild to moderate obstructive sleep apnea. Developed by Dr. Mike Williams this mouthpiece, which cleared its FDA approval with no problem, sports a large breather hole to enable smooth air intake and  [...]
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Marketed by the ever-trustworthy Bauer Nutrition, the AirSnore Mouthpiece offers real value for money. This easy to use entry-level mandibular advancement device, or MAD as they are known, is great for first time users and for anyone who is looking for an alternative to their present anti-snoring device. MADs, if you don’t already know, work by holding the lower-jaw forward and are a well-established industry standard that have reached  [...]
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SleepPro, the British company behind a series of mandibular advancement devices or MADs, has been producing quality solutions for snorers since 1998. Their entry-level MAD is the SleepPro Easifit, a device that comes in both male and female versions, the female version being more compact so that it fits smaller mouths more comfortably. As a starter option for those new to MADs the Easifit is a really good introduction to a family of mo  [...]
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SleepPro and their partner MEDITAS Ltd have been developing and marketing a well-known family of anti-snoring products since 1998. Their expertise in providing affordable and efficient ways to either reduce or stop snoring is recognized throughout both Britain’s public and private health industries. Manufactured in Britain, with worldwide distribution centers to enable timely delivery, SleepPro provides real answers to the problems o  [...]
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Here’s another great offering from one of Britain’s best-known and trusted manufacturers of anti-snoring devices: The Self-Fit Adjustable (SFA) SleepPro Contour. Designed and developed by the ever-excellent laboratories at SleepPro-MEDiTAS the Contour is another fantastic contribution to their family of Mandibular Advancement Devices or MADs. MADs, if you’re new to the scene, are a product that many snorers will be familiar with  [...]
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SleepPro, in conjunction with its partner MEDiTAS Ltd, is the British company behind a series of well-established and proven mandibular advancement devices or MADs. They have been producing high-quality medically recognised solutions for snorers since 1998. This customizable MAD is a slim, flexible, and cost-effective example of a product that delivers snore-free nights hygienically, comfortably and safely. Its highly customizable qual  [...]
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Do you constantly wake up feeling like you haven’t slept enough? Do the days drag? Is time at the office a fog of half-remembered meetings and projects gone wrong? Are the people you live with fed up and exhausted due to a lack of sleep because of your snoring? Well, if this is the case then perhaps it’s time to bring some energy back to your professional and personal life by using one of the many anti-snoring devices available on the ma  [...]
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As-soon-as you see the BPA-free hypo-allergenic ZYPPAH (Pronounced Zee-Pah) you know something’s different and it isn’t simply because it looks great, flashing its sporty green and black color scheme, but it’s also because it sets itself apart from other mouthpieces by working to tackle your snoring problems through a unique double action approach which delivers an effective combination of two technologies via one knockout device.  [...]
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